Bloodthirsty is a song our bass player wrote. it is a departure from our usual syle addind screaming. Hope the metal heads enjoy. C4C


I followed you into the alley. Dark and distorted this is a perfect place for creeps like me. As you wlak I stalk, you shall fall. closer and closer i crawl a scream of vanity.

oh this is a perfect place to finally grasp your taste. all you did was give now you shall no longer live. HaHa!

Taste the blood on your hands its never the same. a simple goal turns into a complicated game. everyday i scream but nobody listens. i turn to you and say i'm blood thirsty!

Harminized solo.

Verse repeats.

Pre chorus repeats.

(SPOKEN)I walk among you, like a lonely bird stuck in a cave i try to communicate but nothing happens. Without evil there would be peace. But because of me the world shall burn.

Lead solo.

Chorus 2x.
Short, but gets the point across. Not bad, I like the intro as did I in your last song you posted. I will say nothing about this song is particularly original, but it has potential. The second stanza seems rather forced, especially the second line. And with the section after the the harminized solo and verse and prechorus and whatnot, nice idea to lead up to the lead solo.

Overall if this had a little work, it could be great
Very cliche'd. Never a good idea to make a song that basically uses all of a genre's stereotypes. Also, stop adding in when all the stuff like riffs are, it just makes it more annoying to read.
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