For those of you who aren't familiar with him (like myself) he's a virtuoso Violinist and bit of a bad boy in classical musical circles, and was 'schooled' by Stephane Grappeli who played with legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt

Just watching him on iPlayer from the First Night of the Proms with his jazz quintet, after he did Elgar's Violin Concertoand he has an electric violin and half a dozen (guitar) effects pedals in front of him, and is playing it as if it's a guitar. It sounds amazing. Then he got Jeff Beck out for a song.


It's about an hour and twenty-two in. He did Hendrix guitar pieces (on the violin) during an interview at one hour and seven. The video is only watchable in teh UK unfortunately.

Anyone know more about him? I love the guy already.

EDIT: I've found out he sold two million copies of his recording of The Four Seasons, which is a GWR for a classical record.
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