So I'm looking to buy an electric guitar, a friends brother is selling his Univox Les Paul Copy, comes with upgraded electronics, vintage styling, skinny neck, asking price is a negotiable $400, before I ask about a hands on trial, damages, etc... is it worth it according to this hallowed forum?
Go play it, then, if you like it, buy it.
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I dont know if id pay that much, do a quick ebay search and see how it compares. Unless the upgrades you mentioned make it worth while. Can you post pics of it??
I'll have pics in a while

"as for damages and scratches - it looks pretty much what you'd expect a 30+ year old guitar to look like. plenty of little dings and scratches, hardware has a bit of oxidization, nothing major, and no structural problems. i'll get some pictures to send to you.
no scratchy pots (what i think you mean by knob turning?), and all the electronics are guaranteed. he overhauled them all when he got it, for better performance, and i can make any repairs/maintenance that might need be done for free. for the sake of your research, we put in a new neck pickup (you can have the old one if you want, but this is better), it's a Dimarzio Eric Johnson Custom.
we might have an amp we could throw in for cost - what size are you looking for?"

This is the guys brother, he's a reliable guy who's a pretty good guitarist and who knows his stuff.

How much would you guys pay?