Hey so my friend wants to get into playing bass and is having trouble which bass he should start off with. He has some rough ideas though. He likes mostly death metal. Heres some of the basses he was thinking of getting.
Ibanez BTB200 - http://www.lamusic.ca/default.asp?szNav=Product&PID=13384
ESP F104 LTD - http://www.lamusic.ca/default.asp?szNav=Product&PID=16082

he wants to keep the price below $400. Any suggestions are nice thx in advance.
i found this to be pretty nice

ive never played this but it has a good rep, and it looks awesome

i play death metal too so im not just throwing random basses out there
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Are you going to be downtuning much?

Because in that case, he might find it useful to have a bass with a 35" scale length, rather than 34". However, he will need to buy extra long scale strings.

However, he shouldn't buy ANYTHING until he tries a few out.
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