Hi my names Ryan and Im a solo artist and Im getting shows around the town and also making a couple albums. Im alot like John Frusciante (solo) and Weezer to some extent Im really influenced by acoustic rock mixed with alternative. So check me out right her on UG or on MySpace

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If you're looking for in-depth reviews, read all of this. If not, just read the last paragraph. If you're not looking for anything but two words, then read the last two words of this post.

Dreaming Isn't Fun - Acoustic guitar sounds excellent for most of it, assuming the little breaks in producing tone are style (I thought they were). The vocals... well, it might be going too far to say that singing out of tune is style. There were just some lines that did not sound harmonic to me at all, but the rest sounded great; you have a good voice. The electric guitar coming in near the end was a good idea, but it's is WAY too loud. It overpowers everything in the song.

Where Is My Mind - Very good song. You may want to refine your voice a little though, the lower vocals sounded a bit wavering. I loved the backing vocals, you did that very well. The electric guitar part near the middle sounded bad, to be frank, but at the end it fit nicely. In this and the previous song, you might want to think about making the electric guitar less overdriven.

Glass of Orange Juice - Easily the best of the three. First thing I noticed that seemed wrong was, in the "Like a glass of orange juice" repeats, the third chord in the sequence sounds as though it should be minor instead of major... but that might just be me. Once again, loved the backing vocals, and, though I'm not good at listening to lyrics, I thoroughly enjoyed these.

Overall, my main advice to you is for you to refine your voice in lower keys. Also, you may want to change the arrangement of future songs; acoustic guitar, later adding in backing vocals, later adding in electric guitar gets old after a bit. So... good job.
My opinions on "Dreaming Isn't Fun", "Where is My Mind" and "Glass of Orange Juice" more or less parallel what ZombifieD has said. The songs sound pretty good overall but seem sloppy at times.

However, since Mr. ZombifieD didn't comment on some of your other tunes I'll tell you that i think. "Complications" sounds pretty good, but the vocals could use a little bit of work at some points. At points the lead guitar sounds great, but at other times it sounds really off.

The last song to be commented on, "Supertramp" has nice acoustic guitar playing and I like the way your voice sounds. I like the backing vocals and the lead guitar sound.

Overall, you've got a good sound going though things start to sound quite samey after a while. Most of your lyrics seem pretty simple, but there's nothing wrong with that. I like your voice, but it does slip in and out of tune in the lower range - the harmonies sound terrific though.

If you've got the time take a look at my acoustic stuff and let me know what you think. http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968