I'm currently in search of a new amp. Recently started gigging and need to step it up from my current one. I play music similar to Evergreen Terrace, Parkway Drive, Emmure, Converge, Norma jean and All Shall Perish to name a few.

At the moment im looking at either a Crate Flexwave 120 watt head and 4x12" cab, a Marshell MG100 half stack or a line six spider III 150 watt head and spider II 4x12" cabinet

What are your opinions/experiences with these amps?

What is the best value for money (My maximum spending being roughly $1300AUD)?

All help is greatly appreciated.
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I'm honestly going to have to advise you against solid state crate amps

I've bought two of them, and they've both had problems.. they come with a warranty but it's damned near impossible to track down who ever is actually responsible for fixing it

they sound really good but after moderate travel both of mine have broken

My experience with their tube amps has been alright I have two friends with them and neither one of them have had any issues
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No, the problem is your trying to get a halfstack with an obviously pretty low budget.

You would be much better of with a tube combo.
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