hey, just realized that it's time for a new multieffect system and immediately turned to the ultimate-guitar forums for help xD
I own a Fender Startocaster, a V-Amp2 and a small Vox amp. And i recently purchased a Maritin X Series: 000CXEBLACK.
I've been using my V-Amp for both live performances, band practice and just jamming at home. It's getting old and boreing. The effects sound way too digital and im getting tired of the limited amount of options.
Right now, im looking at the POD X3 Live (http://line6.com/podx3live/). It seems like a great multieffect in both sound quality and variety of options and features, which are the main attributes im looking for in a future purchase. I really want a multieffect with alot of different amp models in it. Alot of effects is also a must.The things i need the most are probably distortion, overdrive etc. and i some nice clean channels. I also want delay, because the delay on the V-amp was really bad actually, No options whatsoever of changing the feedback etc. One thing i like about the X3 Live is that it also has support for acoustic guitars with different acoustic amps etc. Which fits me perfectly knowing that i own one.
Another thing i want is support for connecting the multieffect to a computer easliy with USB 2.0 etc. I would really like the ability to change the effects over some computer software and download new patches and effects over the Internet.
I mainly listen to Angels & Airwaves and play their music. So, distortion, delay and clean sounds that they use is something the i want.
Another problem is that im actually only 15 and I live in Indonesia. My father makes a visit to Sweden in august. So if anybody knows if I have to actually have to travel all the way to the States or if there is any other way of buying it would be apreciated. The only i could get it in Indonesia is a music shop because ordering it online in this country would'nt work. It's pretty well known for stealing xD
The POD X3 Live also suits because i play in a band. It has support for 2 guitars, bass, vocals its just perfect. Any tips, suggestions of other models...yeah you get the point.

Sorry for this extremely long request and i hope that someone can help me out.
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Thanks for the quick reply, one thing i forgot to mention is the price of the pedal. After asking my parents, they think its a bit too expensive. If i cant find another pedal that suits my needs they'll buy it. But they would prefer something cheaper :S
I heard that x3 live has problem but i am not shure..Check also pod xt live