Hi All,

AS regulars know - I have posted about my free jam tracks site before.

For those of you who haven't seen the posts here is a website for all that is (literally) free for all to use - just to help people out who are looking for stuff to jam along with.

There are tracks on the site for guitar/lead players and also a page for bass players where I've dropped the bass out of the guitar/lead tracks.

Here is the site link www.freejamtracks.com

Have fun.

Any updates on the site planned in the future? It's been a bit since a new track.
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Hi jasonmetal - yes, I am intending to update it with some new stuff in about a week or so. I'll post when it's updated.

Wow so many blues tracks!! Nice job.

Too bad I got a Mac It doesn't like the WMA. Anyone know a way around?
Hi 20Tigers - I'm going to convert all the files to mp3's and have both options available.

I'll try and do it within the next couple of weeks.

Hi all,

I have put the August tracks up as both mp3 and wma files. I will convert all the wma files to mp3 over the next couple of weeks so you have a choice which format you download.

I think this helps out the Mac users and a few others.

So much blues! Where are the free metal jam tracks..=(

Good jam, though!
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Thats a great website m8 cheers. keep it up

BTW is there any way of downloading the tracks onto an mp3 player?
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Can you download the ones that I've put up as mp3's onto your mp3 player?

I don't have an mp3 player - I keep meaning to get a mini ipod but haven't got around to it yet ................................. I mostly listen to records!!
No worries madshatter - nice avatar.

I want to put some band of gypsies up there soon. Just about to get a new multi-track - once I have that, I will go silly!!!
Hey nickonbass. u had a job well done. I'm enjoying this. thank u very much for sharing. y 2 thumbs up to you man!
Thank you so much. Yeah my Mac likes MP3's. It's 2.a.m and I can't jam without waking people up but am listening to it and can't wait till tomorrow. Awesome stuff man.
ah - thanks for letting me know the mp3's are working on your Mac - that is good.

I'm going to put ALL the tracks up as mps'3 as well as the wma formats - I'll try and do 5-10 a night over the next week or so until they are all up.

I've just put up 2 new tracks as well.

I've just added 6 new tracks to the site.

A bit of metal and some rock and stuff.

I am picking up a new multitrack recorder today and working on a lot of new stuff to put up on the site.

Lot's of work ahead.