Poll: Favourite Pixar movie?
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Toy Story
122 45%
A Bug's Life
12 4%
Toy Story 2
4 1%
Monsters, Inc.
21 8%
Finding Nemo
36 13%
The Incredibles
23 9%
8 3%
8 3%
36 13%
Voters: 270.
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toy story FTW.....but why wasnt 2girls1cup up there?
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Monsters Inc. It made me laugh more for some reason.

Didn't like Cars very much.
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toy story FTW.....but why wasnt 2girls1cup up there?

Im sorry to tell you, but its not animated... Its real!
Toy Story
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day

Toy story and finding nemo were both great, have to agree with abunai, cars wasnt that great and i havnt heard of wall-E.
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Toy story because Joss Whedon did it!

Man it feels good to be back on UG after an unjustified banning...
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Thanks Mr. Heafyman! you're an absolute legend
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Does it not bother anyone else that Wall-E is an absolute ripoff of Johnny 5? I'm amazed there hasn't been a lawsuit, especially in Hollywood.
Quote by Heafyman
Toy story because Joss Whedon did it!

Man it feels good to be back on UG after an unjustified banning...
welcome back, er... you
Quote by Heafyman
Toy story because Joss Whedon did it!

Man it feels good to be back on UG after an unjustified banning...

Don't let it get to ya.
I loved Wall-E so much, but I wanted to choose both that and Toy Story.
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Quote by Heafyman
Toy story because Joss Whedon did it!

Man it feels good to be back on UG after an unjustified banning...

Hell yes! I was going to say that, Joss is king!
Er, welcome back too.
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That's Disney, not Pixar.


its all the same to me, also I misread the title
Any movie with Rove and Ellen Degeneres is full of win.

Therefore: I declare Finding Nemo to have my vote.
Toy Story because it's epic. Also, I think it's because i was in the target age group when it was released. I even still have the Buzz Lightyear and Woody.
toy story ftw
havent seen wall-e yet though, have to hire a child to go see it with so i dont look weird
Toy Story purely for the childhood memories. I think I watched it so many times I ended up wearing out the video.
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I loved Cars to be honest.

agreed, i like it in its own right but it just edges out some other pixar movies because i like days of thunder and cars reminded me of that.

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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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Toy Story is epic!
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I hate all of them with a firey passion.

except toy story, only because i liked it as a child. I hate it now because it was essentially the first of its kind.

Even though they arent all by pixar i tend to blame toy story for every other animated pile of steaming faeces that has been churned out since toy story came out.
God damn, they are all so good...

It's a tie up of Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. Those films had them at their peak....

Finding Nemo. Funnier and better than anyone ever expected it to be.
I voted for "Cars". I really liked the movie, even bought the DVD!

The movie plot touched me in my soft spot, i guess...

Didn't watch "Wall-e" yet, though.
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Wall-E was spectacular and is my favorite Pixar movie. It's the second best movie I've seen this year. Visually, it was by far the best animation I've ever seen, and I found myself really caring about the characters. I always found Finding Nemo to be painfully overrated, and it's really sad that Ratatouille has no votes, that movie was spectacular as well, second best Pixar movie definitely.
Wall-E kicks Toy Story's ass all over, you lot need to rewatch Toy Story and realise how crap it was. Of course it was good when you were young, but now it's twat.
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