Im thinking of bying a behringer equalizer and put i behind my boss MT-2. Is this a good idea? Or am I just wasting my money?!? I play trougn a bandit II 112.
You could also get the Fish & Chips EQ by Danelectro. Don't know if it's any better though...
i use a behringer eq 700 with a metal zone it sounds way better then the metal zone by itself but the eq 700 is a bit noisy when turned up so a nosie gate would help
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the eq 700 is a bit noisy when turned up so a nosie gate would help

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Does behringer have a good noise gate?
You'd put it AFTER the MT2, not before....ideally in the FX loop.

Also, try just using an EQ with the amp's distortion and no MT2 whatsoever.
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How noisy is the eq700? Do you really need a noise supressor?

"You'd put it AFTER the MT2, not before...."
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ideally in the FX loop.

I´ve bought the pedal yesterday and it works like a charm But when I tried it with my mt-2 i the fx loop I couldn´t control the volume You could lower the output on the pedals, but when you turn them off the volume is back... HELP?!?