How many of you can say you've been in a band with a guy who has the same name as you

I have, a guy who has the same first and last name, plus the same middle initial as me.

Theres like 3 people with the same name as me in Liverpool.
So no, and i doubt it will ever happen.
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I herd rap mean Retraded Attemped at Poetry

More to the fruityness, he's the same grade as me at high school and half my classes.
its you from the future bill and ted style
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I can say that in my ex band my drummer rhythm guitar and me had the same first name basically. Jaime Jaime and James which is in english for Jaime and the bassist first name was Jose. DAMN JJJ and J
in a band with some who has same initials.. yeeeahh
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i have also had this problem
And on results day they gave me his grades....
He fails xD
I was once in a 5 piece band, in which all of the members were coincidentally called "Bombadier Humperdink".
Not a band but wierd none-the-less:

There are 3 guys with the same name as me in our village graveyard. Luckily I have out-lived all of them.. im 21

Had me worried a fair bit when I was younger


I got billed for his guitar lessons, he also stole an iPhone and I got about four detentions in mistake for it and about two police calls
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i was in a band with someone who has the same surname as me, does that count?

is it your brother?
I can't, I've never been in a band with God.
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Ethan Dean is such an uncommon name...

However my lead guitarist's last name is Gibson so we're Dean and Gibson
"I've been in a band with a guy with the same name as me"

Wohoo, I said it!

But I never been in a band with a guy with the same name as me.
I haven't, but isn't if fun when you're speaking to a five piece band and you can say "Hey, Ian, hey, Cash, Hi, Alex...." and then look at them like the douche you are?
No, but the guy in my band has the same name as my brother... does that count?
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Its lame.
One of my friends was in a band that had two guys called Niall, so logically, they named themselves One Niall Short Of A Threesome
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I've SEEN a band with a guy with the same name as me.

Their was also a ben(one of my best friends )

and a Chevo (We hang out on the weekends!)

It's a conspiracy!!!!

Don your tinfoil hats!
They don't think it be like it is, but it do.
There were, at one time, three Luke's in my band and two Ben's.
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There were, at one time, three Luke's in my band and two Ben's.

...Oh, dear...
They don't think it be like it is, but it do.
i used to be in a band with a guy with the same first name as me, we go to the same school, we both play guitar, we both have Peavey amps, we both live in the same village, we're now currently looking for a bassist for a new band, we both used to skate together & we both picked two of the same GCSE classes & theres more but i cant think right now