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Ok this is my first post because I'm new. How come guitarist move their mouth?? I do it and I've seen a lot of other guitarist do it too?? Is it a habit and is there a way to stop it??? I looks funny and I don't even notice that I'm doing it unless someone says and then I feel stupid. What do you think?

WOW 1007 people looked at this in one night!! That's a lot thanks everyone for your replies!! :-)........... and yeah it was my mum that noticed it too now she can't watch me play because she'll end up laughing!!
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Just shows your feeling the music, i constantly do it when i'm using wah. Embarrising for a while but you get to the stage you just don't care

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It's because passionate players become one with their instrument.
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My mouth tends to start twitching during a hard part of the song because i'm focusing so much, but I might do it the rest of the time and just not notice it. That would be really funny looking.
Looks cool, that's why. I mean, look at Gary Moore; he is like the king at it.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
I don't move my mouth but I lower my head forward so much that I'm almost enveloping my guitar and I don't notice anything around, sometimes peoples are watching me play for 10 minutes and I don't even know, oh and close eyes
John Petrucci - Hollow years extended solo live at budokan.. a GOOD reason to move his mouth!
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I've been playing for a long time, but I guess I've just gotten to the point where my playing is very difficult, and I find myself moving my mouth during fast sections. Not all people do it, but for some, it is involuntary.
i find that singing the tune in my brain helps me play through harder passages.
so i think that by pouring out what you feel/think, you can express yourself better.

off topic but i slouch more and my head draws closer to the guitar during difficult passages.
and there was once i was so into it my mouth was slightly open i drooled.

edit: i still can't explain why the wah pedal makes my mouth go that way.
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Hendrix did it a lot, watch Woodstock and count the number of times he did it while his solos. It adds your feeling, you can't just stand there and play, groove a bit ;o

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I don't really do it at all. I guess I'm just not "feeling the music" and NOT PLAYIN W/ ENUF EMOSHIN.
When using a wah, I tend to move my mouth to how I'm hearing the sound in my head, so I hopefully match my foot movements to what I'm hearing in my head.

If that makes any sense...?
I move my mouth, but the only reason I know is because people have commented on it. I don't really care.
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I do it when I do sweeps without looking at the fretboard, it's just a reflex I guess, twitch your muscles and it just happens, just expression of the music you're playing I suppose.
I do it too, but i didn't know i did until people pointed it out. I don't really care though....
my mom just asked me the same question last night when i was playing for her

coincidence i think not
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I ALWAYS move my mouth if I'm using my wah pedal. I saw Dave Murray doing it live and I sorta picked it up.
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Oh thank god im not the only one lol, I do it when im using my Wah Pedal pha! Must look like a right spastic! =]
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John Frusciante is a prime example of this, the dude I think is creaming everytime he turns the Wah Wah pedal on lol
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because guitarists and drummers alike make their sex faces when the play their instruments.
fact :P

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my friends all make fun of me because i get really into it,I close my eyes and when I do bends i pop my mouth open,I think it is your brain hearing the sounds of the guitar screaming.
Ha ha... I never knew until my mum was like 'Does Tom Morello and Matt Bellamy do funny faces when they play' I was like... What? And she explained... Felt right embarassed..
I actually don't make a guitar face, and neither does anyone in my band.

However, you've got to act like you have some emotion and that your into the music.



Hard Part

etc... just make the appropriate face.
I rapidly shake my head from side to side when I'm digging in... blues does that to you.
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Try making guitar sounds in your head with your mouth closed. They don't sound the same as when your mouth is open. Take "wah wah" for example. The sound is distinctly more accurate in your head with your mouth open. Try it bud. It makes perfect sense.
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It's because passionate players become one with their instrument.

I do that late at night when my door's locked.
i think i've heard something about the mouth and hands being connected in the brain. like same reason why people use hand gestures while talking and stuff
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WOW 1007 people looked at this in one night!! That's a lot thanks everyone for your replies!! :-)........... and yeah it was my mum that noticed it too now she can't watch me play because she'll end up laughing!! :-)
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