Ok, firstly, I know the Pit is not my personal doctor. I know I should go and talk to a doctor and sorry I am making this, however I am hoping somebody knows what I may be talking about. I fully expect replies of "aidz" and stuff, but hopefully I might get a serious one.

I seem to have this weird problem. It usually happens when I am in the shower (not every time I shower, but a few times a week) but it also happened today when I was kicking the footy with my Dad, so I am guessing it might have something to do with hot water or sweat or general heat.

Basically I will be in the shower washing my hair or whatever, and suddenly my arms, back and chest kinda start itching, but its not a normal itch. Its a painful itch that sort of feels like under my skin is on fire or something like that. It is really uncomfortable and painful. I get out of the shower and dry myself and pretty soon it goes away. I am not sure what it is, but it really annoys me.

Does anybody have any idea what it could be?

Could be a heat rash? Your back and shoulders are going to be receiving most of the hot water in the shower and the sunshine on a hot day. But then, I've no idea what heat rash feels like.
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Could it be your body wash, perhaps?

I highly doubt it.

Plenty of times it has happened when I haven't used body wash, other times I have used body wash and it hasn't occurred.
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Are there any other common factors othere than moister/heat when the itching happens?

Not that I can think of.

It also happens a bit (although not as badly) when I am wearing a jacket and feeling too hot.
it does seem heat related. i dunno maybe a misxture of heat and sweat and the addition of hot water maybe is what causes the painful itching.

thats all i can think of, best to get it proply checked so you dont worry much.
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Not that I can think of.

It also happens a bit (although not as badly) when I am wearing a jacket and feeling too hot.

It almost seems like you could be alergic to some material in your clothing? Does this only happen when you wear a certain shirt/s?
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I has something similar and my vision would go, if i turned the shower down to cold i was okay again.
Have you handled insulation lately? Cause i know that stuff gets in your skin once you have hot water cause it opens up the pours in your skin....you have to have a cold shower to get rid of it i think...I dunno just see a professional
are you on any medication? , i once had a burning annoying itch on my back because of that
I get something like this sometimes, like a really bad itch near my left shoulder and back but i've never found it to be painful or to be triggered by heat, it just comes for about a minute, makes my back feel really weird and then goes, yours anything like that?.
i've got the same kind of problem... mine's a heat rash. there's nothing they do about mine because it's very generic. go see a doctor they might prescribe you something to stop it. AND DON'T SCRATCH!! it makes it worse and causes lots of bumps.
It sounds almost exactly the same to what happens to me. If i do anything and get too hot or sometimes if i blush or get embarrassed etc it happens, I get all hot and very itchy for a while, which is irritating if it's like -5C and i'm too hot from this thing

But yer with mine it's a liver thing called Gilberts Syndrome, which is completely harmless just quite irritating really
It might be a heat rash, like people are saying. That, or I would guess it might be an llergic reaction to your soap. Like people have been saying, don't scratch it or it'll get much worse.

Noones going to say crabs?
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heat rash, or it could be hair growth, or in winter, changing temperature, or something in that tassie water, come up to new south wales lol
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That could be the single most logical, helpful response ive ever gotten from UG.
Thank you very much.

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Could also be dry skin, which is irritated by heat. I have that problem sometimes when I get out of the shower. Use a lotion of some sort.
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Dude, I used to get the same thing. I know exactly what you're talking about. It kinda stopped after a while, so hopefully it will for you. It happened when it was too hot or humid in the air, so I suggest opening a window. It also happened when I was thinking about some girl I liked who turned me down, which I think was the main trigger of it. Once I got over her, I think it just disappeared.

Good luck, it's a horrible feeling, I know. It's like a combination of pain and itch, it's terrible.
I get that too, especially if I'm exercising in a stuffy or humid room. I think it happens to everyone sometimes.

Don't worry about it.
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I used to have something like this, when I put on a t-shirt and go out i'd get an itchy prickly feeling on my body that felt like i'd just rolled in a cactus field. Turned out it was the washing powder that I was having a reaction to, I changed powder and it hasn't happened since.
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heat/sweat rash?

Did you really have to bring my thread back from like 1 month ago just to say what everybody else did pretty much.

Oh well, thanks for the thought.
that happens to me sometimes when i get pretty hot.
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ive had what you're on about , it happened in summer alot, its like a crazy itch if a normal itch were a slap on the wrist this would be a kick in the balls
it just stopped one day for me but after about 3 weeks
This happens to me too, but it usually goes away after like ten minutes. It's like an intense itch, but in lots of random places on my body...

I have no idea how it starts... it seems to be triggered by heat, though.
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