Hey guys, I picked up guitar a few years ago and stopped playing after the 3rd month and I have just repicked it up now. I know a lot of songs and I can play them clearly and to a high level (Rhythm). I also know a few solos, some of switch are picking intensive and some aren't, but what I noticed is slowing me down for regular quick playing is that I have gotten used to only picking downwards, which is a waste of energy and I can't play certain things to the right pace, if I double pick I usually hit one too many notes or something like that.

Are there any tips or anything you guys can help me get over this? Any possible warm ups? Or is it just more of a stage and I just have to start practicing picking properly from now on?

Be sure that you pick from the wrist with minimal motion as possible, your arm and shoulder completely relaxed ( If it isn't you're not doing the wrist picking motion correct) , and practice alternate picking with metronome tapping with your foot along the beats.
Let's go back to five billion bpm and see how good i am.
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first of all make sure you are holding it properly, look up 'how to hold a pick' on Google.

I actually laughed when you said that and seriously doubted that would be the problem. Turns out that was deffinetly a part of the problem lmao, I was holding it wrong. Although it's a little bit uncomfortable holding it correctly, I know that it's a lot better. I will just learn my songs using alternate picking and I think that will help me heaps.

Thanks for the help!