Would it be possible to get the Ibanez TS7 and use it as a volume boost pedal for when I play lead without 'colouring' my tone too much?

I ask this because the music store near me has one for $30 CAD which is significantly less than all their other pedals.
isnt that the tubescreamer? im pretty sure it will color your tone and distort it a bit but from the last time i used one (a couple of years ago). you can use it as a volume boost but it will distort a bit, but depending on the type of music you play it might actually sound better
I'm sure you could if you put the level high so as to boost the output of your guitar and then lowered the drive knob so very little gain would be added, and then tweak the tone knob where it becomes seamless. Try it first but i think it could work.
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Based on personal experience i can say that an EQ pedal makes a better booster than an overdrive pedal. Plus it may be used to change you tone a lot or if you like just as a volume boost without coloring your tone at all.
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