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Hey fellow T&C'ers,

Haven't been here for a long time, I've been *cough* banned. I've been working on it since my ban, and it's yet unfinished. I consider this one as my best.

*No MIDI right now, file would be too big. I'll upload it soon.

EDIT: Here's MIDI.
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Savatage be the best, yes
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hehe, mind if i mess around with that solo a bit?
bitchen song i must say though, just feel theres room for alot of intricate guitar work at times, but dont wanna overdoit
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Yeah, my guitar work is rather simple against those keyboards...
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sheeat, thats beautiful! I love the way you managed to get the battlefield sounds. I didn't think it was possible on guitar pro, but you showed me. This is my favourite style of music, one of the best I've heard here.

My only problem is I think it goes too long, which isnt usually a problem but it needs more variation. On the other hand, vocals would probably completely fix that.

I give 8.5/10. Keep up the good work!
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But I have "vocals"... And It's only ten minutes long.
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ooo, great intro, love the piano, gunshots are good, lead guitar, although very simple, is really effective, then fading into the acoustic guitar i like, whatever instrument that is, i like it. the melody is reaally quite good, i don't think the cymbal crashes quite fit though. but then when the drum pattern comes in i like it. i don't really like the change into minor chords. but then the heavy bit is good, reminds me of dragonforce Then at the second variation a bit of maiden. I like it. Then the acoustic guitar doesn't quite fit, it happens a bit too suddenly. But then the melody i like again. then i like all the bits after that up until the minor change again, i just don't think it works, at all. the solo is absolutely brilliant, it has that solo sound that's really hard to get, but it needs to be louder. the change back to acoustic guitar is a bit too sudden again, then again i don't like the minor chords. and an organ solo, wasn't expecting that, but you've made it fit perfectly, that takes skill. definitely epic so far though. the bits over the sea sond all sound too random, a bit random's good, but it just sounds like random numbers have been typed in. i like the fade in to the next theme. works really well and i love every part of that theme. then back to the bit i love, feels really relaxing.

overall a really good work in progress, 9/10 i think, would fit great with vocals, and for the love of god send me a copy when/if it's recorded.

Nothing compared to that, but ya know.
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Epic 8D

Very nice, though I can't really say anything that opc hasn't already covered. Although the cymbals aren't too out of place. The war bit was a bit long but I don't mind. You did it very well; I would've thought there would have been like something to represents voices calling out to eachother, but I guess that would've been hard to do eh ^^

Criticize mine? I want to learn from someone with skill 8D It's in my sig.
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Amazing dude. Loved the acoustic part. Also the way the distortion guitars came in perfectly, and the solos were great

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that sir, was amazing

the gunshots could do with a slight touch up, same with a couple of parts in the main parts, but the rest is fine - string parts are beautiful


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