Hey guys hope you can guide me to buy a few things on line. You see, I have not bought a thing from the net when it comes to music gear and I don’t really know where to go. I was hopping some of you could give your feed back on websites that you have bought stuff from.
I am looking to buy a sturdy music stand, classic strings, acoustic and electric strings and a few other things.
if you're in the US musicians friend will work fine. why not go to a local music shop though ?
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Free shipping on essentially everything, unlike musiciansfriend, and unmatched customer service.
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Thanks for the quick responses friends. I live in Denver. I know there are plenty of places to go but my problem is I don’t have the time to go to real store. I am a traveling individual that spends most of his time working up in the mountains and head back home over the weekend and friends and family take most of my time.
Thanx for your suggestions.
i've had good luck with musicians friend, GC and this guy


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