Not too bad

Your hands look, kinda, awkward? I dunno that's just how I see it, you don't look comfortable playing but perhaps I'm wrong.

For the length of time you've been playing that's pretty good imo, it's not perfect but didn't expect it to be. Seen a lot worse.

You should try the whole song! It's not that difficult. Take it slow, get a metronome. Break it down, piece by piece. You'd catch on faster than you'd expect, and it'd definately be worth it!
yeah my hands were shaking i dont know why . i havent got used to film my playing.
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that was a pretty solid performance for someone of your experience. the next thing you will notice in the next 6 months is that you will eventually make the solo more fluid, and strengthen that vibrato of yours. its great that you have a video recording because you will be able to size up your progress as time goes by.
Thanks. Yeah i can see that my vibratos arent very good, but i hope they get better.
you bend down?

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