Hello music lovers.

Ive been playing guitar seriously for a year now and I'm really interested in getting into some home recording. I keep coming up with little lines I like but don't have a good way to get them down. Basically I'm looking for a home recording program that I can either get for cheap or a modest amount of money. I'm not looking for top of the line **** here, something that will let me have some drum tracks and mix my own stuff would be great. I am a noobie producer but I just want to get my hands dirty. Also, I'm going to need a way to plug in my guitar to my computer so I can record, so any cheap (but effective) methods you have for that would be great too.

Any suggestions welcome and thanks in advance for the help!

Oh and if I got the terminology wrong (mixing and whatnot) just let me know and gimme the proper terminology so I can correct myself and not sound like an idiot anymore. Thanks!
What's your budget?

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thanks, I guess I'll just throw it down in that one too. And my budget (for both) is less than $200. And that's being very generous.
all u need for recording guitar is a couple cables.
like a 1/4 inch to a 1/8 adapter and a cable from ur amp to the computer.

u need audacity, free.

by drum tracks, u mean online ones?
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Use the Line6 Tone ports, there pretty good, or get a usb mixer and (if you have a mac) use garage band
Well, if you're into downloading *ahem* legally. I can send you some links of good recording programs, if you'd like. Drum machines or like, midi drums (polyphonic drums) are generally free programs, again which I can send you links for.

As for plugging your guitar in, go to an electronics store and get a standard guitar input to a head phone jack, and you can plug it into the recording input on your computer, and you'll be able to directly record.

d3line@hotmail.com if you want any help, I'm not super good at this, but I can pass on what knowledge I have : )