I'm going on holiday in a few days and i usually take a book to read. This year i havent got one yet so could anyone recommend one?
I prefer autobiographies and have been looking at Scar Tissue by Anthony Kieldis and A Bit Of Blur by Alex James. If anyone knows if these are any good?
Any recommendations are welcome.

Thanks In Advance,
This Is Your Brain On Music by Daniel Levitin

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Scar Tissue is good, Mr. Kiedis has some crazy ****ing stories to tell.

Check out High Fidelity by Nick Hornsby. I have never laughed so hard at a book.
nikki sixx the heroin diaries is a good read
scar tissue is a great book
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Brave New World - Aldous Huxley


also try clockwork orange
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Scar Tissue is really good.
I also suggest Slash, Clapton, and Walk this Way (Aerosmith)
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The Heroin Diaries - Nikki Sixx
Slash -.....Slash.
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Long way down by Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman. It's the story of their trip from northern Scotland to Cape Town, South Africa. They did it on motorbikes. It's got an element of biography, but it's also a bit of an adventure story. It's really interesting.