Has anyone experienced a problem with one, where when you "rock" the pedal forward, the switch doesn't click?
I bought one today and no matter how hard i push down on the switch it won't click, meaning it won't turn off and hence i have constant boost. When i push it down manually with my hand nothing happens as well.

Is this a fault or am i doing something completely wrong here?

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What model do you have? I bought a used 535Q through eBay and it clicks just fine. Is there a problem with the switch? or is the board not even hitting the switch when you press down?
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You can open it up and raise the switch. It isn't hard to do at all. First loosen the nut that you can see below the treadle (the part you push with your foot). Now take the switch out and lower the second nut. Then just reinstall it. Make sure the top nut is tight.
The switch just isnt adjusted right. Theres also a little rubber snubber you might be able to tweak.
clicking it with my hand doesn't turn it off tho.
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