Poll: How do you sit?
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View poll results: How do you sit?
Both feet on floor
19 24%
Both feet rested on something
17 22%
One leg folded over, with thighs touching (girly)
6 8%
One leg folded over, with the shin touching above the other knee
20 26%
Legs folded pretzel style in the chair
5 6%
Legs folded one ontop of another in a chair
1 1%
One foot under your body, the other on the floor
10 13%
Voters: 78.
I was having an debate with my friend which way was more comfortable. He prefers to just sit with both feet firmly on the floor, but I prefer the one foot folded over so that the shin lands slightly above the other legs knee. Switching periodically so that the blood doesn't rush to one leg over the other. So, I ask this to UG, how do you sit in a chair?

Poll coming.
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On a chair.
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With my legs splayed wide apart, to prevent crushing my comically-oversized genitals.
I don't sit i always stand.


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Recliners FTW. Most comfortable chairs ever.
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That really should be a multiple option poll, you know.

I sit every way mentioned there. Or I stand. How the **** am I supposed to pick only one from that damned list?!

EDIT: I sit however I want.
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Usually the second or last option, if I'm in my house or a friend's house.

In a formal situation, I sit both feet on the floor or left foot on my right knee.
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one foot under my body other on the floor
its comfortable and also a force of habit
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With my legs splayed wide apart, to prevent crushing my comically-oversized genitals.


I sit with my legs open to stop my genitalia from getting squashed.
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I sit 'Basic Instinct.'

With my genitals pulled through my trousers.
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I lie down, or stand up.

Only sitting if there are no other options. And then it's mostly..... some semi lie downish
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It really depends on what I'm sitting on and how much leg room I have. I prefer the floor, though.
I do not sit, I pace the floor nervously.

Kicking variuos small items out of the way to make room, for my nervous habit.

plz forgive y missplen words, i broke mu knuckle today.
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One leg folded over with thighs touching, only because they are fat.
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