Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster:liplick Japanese but still pretty good. Scalloped neck ofcourse. Makes finger vibrato easier. Maple neck and fingerboard. Frets and neck fine. Electrics fine - nothing needs replacing. Some scratches on the black body. Vintage colour Scratchplate.
DiMarzio HS3 in bridge.
VML Total tension trem arm mod = means the trem arm doesnt wobble or have to move it a way before it reacts. Also torque adjustment at the rear of the trem block means trem stays put where you put it - not drop down like a pendulum. Trem still looks the same.
Fender No load tone pots.
Still have original parts where mods (like bridge P/Up and tone pots) have been made.
Thinking of selling it for £450