i'm lookin at this head and its currently at like 180 bucks. does anyone know anything about this head?
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yes, pointing it at your head will send the sound towards your head.

it's the same with guns too, before you go testing that one.
yup, its ****. AVT's and MG amps are two of the most poorly rated amps in marshall's history
It's decent but nothing particularly special. For the price it might be worth it.
I wouldn't bother, you'll only end up replacing it rather quickly.
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I play an AVT150 in my band, so I'll give you my two cents.

The amp comes with four channels: Acoustic Sim, Clean, Overdrive One, and Overdrive Two. It also has a slew of effects that are all pretty worthless except for the delay, in my opinion. The acoustic simulator sounds decent, but you definitely have to crank the amp to be heard over the noise of a band. And in some cases you might even have to turn up some of the gain on the acoustic sim. The clean channel is largely the same, but it can get louder than the acoustic channel. I use my Fender and I can get some great bluesy/funky tones from the clean channel on the neck pickup, and I think it sounds great playing a good range of music. I even dabble in jazz and I think its clean enough to sound good.

Overdrive One is a classic rock, classic metal kind of distortion. I don't use that channel too much, so I can't say a great deal about it. The second Overdrive channel is probably my favorite on the amp. Be careful turning up the gain too much because it can definitely muffle the tone, but I think it does a great job handling recent styles of metal distortion. If you're going to be playing in a band then you might want to look into getting a compressor/noise gate because the AVT150 can be a noisy bastard when turned up to high volume.

Overall, for the price you're getting it for I would say it is a good deal. You might outgrow it quickly as some say, but I still like mine (although I am looking at lower priced tube heads as well). If you could save up a little more money then I'd probably look at other amps depending on the music you're playing, but I think the Marshall is good for the price.
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If it stays under $200 i say get it, but if it goes over that it's not worth it.