Ok, selling my Squier Black & Chrome Fender Fat Strat b/c i never play it, and i am looking to buy another acoustic so trades would work too. Its 1 month old and i thought i would get into playing electric, but i guess its not my thing. It has a sweet mirror pickguard that still has the plastic covering on it. Just recently picked it up to play it after sitting around for 2 weeks and it was perfectly in tune. Bought this brand new for $250 and looking to get $200 OBO(guess the price went down in a month online somewhere).

Also have a Stagg GA 10 Watt Amp that i can include or sell seperatley. This is also only 1 month old, and i have maybe used it for 2 hours. Bought that for $60, and looking to get $45 OBO.

PLMK if interested in pics or more specs.