i'm looking for a good octave pedal, but not one that just goes octaves down, i would also like octaves up, it doesn't need to TWO octaves, because that low just sounds like noise, and that high can cause headaches, and i don't need it to have the ability to do chords, though that would be useful, i would mainly use this to put in a bassline with my looper, or for high chord harmonies,
thanks for the help
boss super shifter

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pedals and such in profile
digitech whammy has +/- 2 octaves and loads of other presets ranging from 5th/4th - 2nd/3rd.

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I also use the Digitech Whammy 2. i've used mine to record bass lines to practice against once in a while and if you're looking to do chord harmonies this has 18 different harmonics built into it.