Somewhat novelty Staccato song that i threw together. It's a 30 measure song meant to be played on an acoustic guitar thats very fast with almost random chords. It's also my first song.
novelty staccato.zip

can you actually play that? it seems a little all over the place. I suggest you add some drums though so there's a beat to it.

but good job I suppose. It seems to have achieved what you wanted. However, to tell the truth it does not sound very musical.
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It seems random and all over the place to me. The ending didn't seem to quite fit, with being just one long note. The first few bars also seem a little shaky, but that was probably your aim, since it's "novelty staccato"

But nonetheless, the overall tune is nice.
I didn't put that thought into this considering 99.9% of this sixteenth notes. And no, i can't play this because it was really just a concept.