Only if you play a Schecter C1 Blackjack. Those things are lightning rods.
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Only if its an acoustic.

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No, probably not. Think of the path the electricity would have to take. It would either have to go through the building you're in to hit the guitar, or it would have to hit power cables with enough force to cause a power surge large enough to shock you. Not likely.
just dont play outside....
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I do it. But to be safe, no.
The last thunderstorm nearly fried my laptop due to the current going on and off and on and off....
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Well, if you get hit by lightning, then yes.

Otherwise, a properly grounded electric guitar you should be fine with. Although I tend to switch unnecessary electrical equipment off when there's a lightning storm.

Same, I just turn what I am not using off.
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I'm reminded of the "Epic Death" thread.
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I'm reminded of the "Epic Death" thread.

it would be ****ing epic to get shocked by lightning while and die duing an insane solo on stage in front of thousands of people.
Only if you're standing a roof that doesn't have a lightning rod, during a storm. Which, frankly, I don't know why you would be. In fact, you deserve to get struck by lightning, if you're that stupid.
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Thunderstorms get shocked when I play guitar during storms. I'm that hardcore.
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i just thought of something funny... imagine playing guitar, and lightning hits your house, and a blue electrisity bolt thing shoots up your cable and into your guitar and fingers. you get shocked and you are standing there being electricuted but as you stand there, your fingers and picking hand begin to move EXTREMELY FAST in unison, thus creating one of the greatist and fasted and ****in amazing guitar solos ever in life. THAT WOULD BE EPIC.

if you live...and had a video camera at the same time recording
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Are you in New Jersey? We have a pretty brutal storm right now :0
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We get shocked when I'm touching my friend's guitar and my bass at the same time. It really hurts...
Yes, but it's not the kind of shock that can kill you. Instead you get super powers. You will become Pentatonic Man, dress in tights and a cape, and do battle with Soljuh Boy and Hoobastank.
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I live in the lightning capital of the USA, South Florida. I worked for the telephone company many yeas ago as a repairman and I have seen what lightning can do.

When a thunderstorm approaches, turn off then unplug your television, guitar amp, computer, and anything else you don't want to lose.

The chances of your getting hit are actually small, but the devastation to your electric/electronic equipment that a close or direct hit can cause can be astonomical.

One day I went out to lunch, and a small thunderstorm came through. Although I am usually very good at this, I unplugged everything but a digital sampler - (it was turned off and I hadn't used it in a few hours so I forgot it was plugged in). When I got back home, the sampler was fried. That cost me over $600.00

I've seen the results of lightning that exploded telephones, melted the insides of television sets, blew holes in the ceilings of people's houses, and melted the conductors inside of house wiring. I could be that in a thunderstorm, one house in a million could get it, but if it happens to be your house while you are playing your electric guitar, I don't think you will be happy.

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probably not, do you live in CT by any chance or anywhere in the northeast US because im experiencing the same thing, but no it probably wont happen, especially when your playing throuh a Vox dA5 like me or any battery powered amp.
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You only get struck by lightning if your trying to play Through the Fire and the Flames. It's Gods way of telling you to STFU.

I let out a gentle laugh then,

YES, it is possible to get electrocuted while playing a thunderstorm. If, somehow the 50,000 volts and oodles of amps reachers the mains and goes up the earth wiire, your brown bread mate.

I nearly got tosted on my old PC, I unpluygged everything during a thunderstorm, except the phone line. Lightning hit the cables, and I heard a buzzing noise, so I plugged the computer back in to mains and pressed the power buton... BANG, it earthed itself, and melted the motherboard together, big blue fireball and plenty of smoke. It was only later I relaised it was a good job it didnt try to earthitself through the end of my finger, otherwise it might have burn it off!

So yeah, wear some rubber platform boots and stand in the bath with a wet suit on.

On a more serious note... ever wondered why the copper pipes to your sink have green and yellow wire coming off?... thats an earth wire incase lightning hits the water mains and sends electric through the pipes and thus, probably kill you if you are washing up.

My neighbour down the street last year almost died from shoclk when lightning hit the house and sent electric up her arms while she was washing up.
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Speaking of electrocution through guitar playing- My dad has this ungrounded tube amp from the sixties. But ever time It's used, anyone who touches the guitar or player will get shocked badly. To this day I am afraid of it. Make sure your amp is grounded.
keith relf, the former singer of the yardbirds died by being electricuted by his guitar in 1970. its probably very unlikly though.
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keith relf, the former singer of the yardbirds died by being electricuted by his guitar in 1976. I'd say drugs overdose

Les Harvey (brother of the more famous Alex harvey) of "Stone the Crows" a little known band from the 70's died onstage from earthing to his Mic.
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Speaking of electrocution through guitar playing- My dad has this ungrounded tube amp from the sixties. But ever time It's used, anyone who touches the guitar or player will get shocked badly. To this day I am afraid of it. Make sure your amp is grounded.

I've played through that amp. After about 5 minutes I realized I basically had a taser hanging from my neck.