Yes im sorry for posting it
but none of the others were helpful,
my parents have finally agreed to let me have a computor in my room (yay) and over the past few, well ages, ive saved up about £1300 (about twice the amount for dollars).
Im starting from scratch here but id like to set up my own home recording stuff, mostly for guitar and vocals.
I will have to pay for a computor as well, so im guessing about 500 towards that :s
Also i will be recording from a line 6 spider valve so a amp mic isnt essential, i just dont get the valve sound if i use the output.
What equipment should i look into and possibly buy?
Should i save up anymore money first?
As far as the PC goes, grab yourself 2gb of high speed ram, an intel dual core at 3ghz.

Spend at least £100 on the sound card. make sure it has 1/4" inputs too.

Should be about it!

Otherwise you could consider getting an M-audio fast track pro and guitar rig three software. Or just the whole guitar rig 3 package (rig kontrol 3)
This guy uses that setup;
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