Hi it's been a while since I've been on the forum but today I used my recording equipment for the first time and recorded something!

The song's short (1min-ish) and I think sounds quite similar to some tracks from Opeth's Blackwater park.

The track is called 1, you can find it on my profile http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/delcypher/ .

Thanks for listening, comments appreciated.

- oh if anyone does want to know the acoustic guitar is tuned to open Dmin.
Indeed, reminded me of Patterns in the Ivy a little bit.. nice work had to turn up the volume though.
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I had to turn up the volume though.

Ah yeah, well spotted! I had my headphones turned up really loud so I didn't noticed. Fixed it now.
Well it's my first time recording on my laptop (I have recorded at my old college before).

I used Cubase SX3, Native Instruments guitar PRO 2 (for the electric guitar - effect 'no attack'), Propellar Head's Reason (for the piano). My recording interface is a M-audio firewire 1814 and I used a M-audio Oxgen-61 keyboard.

I recorded the acoustic guitar simultaneously. One was via a microphone (really cheap SM58 copy) the other was through the guitar's jack output (it's an electro-acoustic).

I applied compression and EQ to just about every track.

C4C ? Does that stand for critque for critque...? I'll look at yours anyway.
thanks for the info!

i also use cubase sx3
i'm working on my mix "master file" for months already and still haven't got anywhere near to what i want...

do you have some tipps for EQ settings you maybe want to share?
as i said i'm working since months on the master file , 90% of the time trying to EQ it any better...with is driving me insane
guess i need to try compression again , also i still haven't heard it change my sound in any way.. wich is odd, then again i don't know how they work so i just randomly ajust it

yes c4c means critque for critque
english is not my native language
To add compression to a track in cubase: (this isn't the only way to do it)
1. Select the track
2. Make sure you can see the 'inspector' - that's the panel to the left of the channel that shows you the track settings when you select it.
3. Click the 'e' symbol next the tracks name.
4. A window will pop showing you quite a few things (EQ, sends and inserts to name a few)
5.Assuming you haven't already added an insert click the black box under 'i1'
6. Choose Dynamics=>Dynamics
7.The plug-in's settings should pop up, if not click the 'e' symbol next the black box under 'i1'
8. There are 3 sections Compressor, Auto Gate & limiter. We only need the Compressor so click the compressor box and it should light up yellow.

9. Now here's the important bit - This is what a compressor does.

When audio gets too loud (goes past the threshold value) then it will decrease the volume according to the ratio setting (e.g. 3:1 means make the volume 3 times quieter - I think not completly sure on that one).

-A compressor is useful for equalizing volumes through out a recording because if you have the settings right, when it gets too loud the compressor adjusts the signal to quiter level. If you listen to any pop record you'll notice that the vocals have a lot of breathing sounds and the 's' sound sounds really loud. That is because the vocals have been 'compressed' in such a way that makes most of the singing quieter. But the bits that were already quiet (like breathing and the 'S' sounds) don't get compressed, but the other parts are. The end result is that everything is pretty similar in volume.

So Play your audio (on the track you've added the insert on) and keep adjusting the threshold smaller and smaller until the little red lights start blinking. When these lights blink it means the audio is being 'compressed' and the amount of lights lit up indicate by how much. Make the ratio larger to 'compress' the audio more.

The attack setting tells the compressor how long wait before compressing when the audio goes beyond the threshold in volume. Try setting this as small as possible and notice when the compressor 'compresses' how weird it sounds?

The release setting tells the compressor how long to keep compressing a signal after it's "true" volume goes back under the threshold.

The Make-up-gain just allows you to increase the volume of your audio after it's been through the compressor.

Sure I can tell you a few things I do with EQ settings, but I'm not really that great at it. I hope some of this helps anyway. If you still can't get it to work, tell me and I'll see what I can do.
hey.. I really like the chord arpeggios. They sound amazing and your tone for your acoustic, and also your lead are quite impressive. Ill subscribe to your mp3's keep it up man!
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Thanks slashfied!

@thedefrockednun, thank-you. By the way what do you mean when you say it's a little silent?
thanks for the BIG help man!

hopefully if i get a good solo , i rerecord my song with some of the suggestions made , also gonna use compressor this time

thanks again , helps alot

edit: nice song again haha , good start in the day
english is not my native language
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Hey thanks for the crit. This is a great recording, the acoustic guitar sounds really good, and you play it very well. The lead guitar does a good job of setting the mood. What else am i hearing besides those two guitars? (around 30s) Whatever it is, it sounds great. You really oughta record more stuff, I think this is just a small slice of what you could do.

Great work and keep playin!
I'm really digging the mood of this tune, though it reminds me more of For Absent Friends than of Blackwater Park

Nothing to really complain about; the piece is short, sweet, and to the point . Only imperfection I noticed was that the ascending lead lick near the end could be done cleaner

EDIT: Actually it also reminds me of the song for the Ice areas in Metroid Prime!
My God, it's full of stars!
Man this track is total beauty. Indeed, very Opethy, but you definitely got your own flavor going. It was a great listen. Totally rocked my socks.

If you care to listen, I have a song up that could be considered Opethy in its nature. It's in the profile. It's called The Struggles of Man.

Keep up the good work!
Pretty good

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