How do you play this? Theres a bunch in a row and I can't fingerpick that fast and it doesn't sound right...
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you mute the a string with your middle or ring finger and strum.
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mute the A-string.
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Put your Index finger on the fifth fret and put you Ring or Pinky (whichever is more comfortable) on the 7th fret. Then take your middle and rest it on the A string but don't push down like you normally would. Then obviously you strum all 3 strings but with the A string muted it wont make a sound.
Those are octave notes - 2 together. as mentioned earlier, if strumming you'd mute the A string and just strum the E to D strings - think Tom Petty "the waitingis the hardest part". You could also use two fingers to pluck them together in unison.
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