it's on my profile called "New Untitled"

so i don't know what the genre for this one is , but the chords played on the accoustic remind me of diablo ... actually i think those chords were used in one of the soundtracks while playing but i didn't chek it...

well anyway, hope you like it and/or got some ideas how i could improve it (i think it got a lot of room for that... )

english is not my native language
yea it did sound very diablo-like. The song kind of reminded me of The Call of Ktulu by Metallica. Really good though, I think it would make a good metal instrumental, like Call of Ktulu if you lengthen it.

I would say you have too much distortion in the parts where you are playing over the piano, but it sounds good when there is no piano, just the heavy power chords, but that is just preference.

Add a guitar solo if possible.

Just preference, but I think it is wierd how at the end you think its over, but then you play those power chords. Personally I would just let the one chords ring out, and not play those last few, but again, its your song.

Good work though.
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thanks for the crit! that really helps

there is no piano used in the song!
drum, "bass", electric guitars and accoustic guitars
but i guess you meant accoustics right?

i don't know if i can lengthen it some more, at least i don't know with what right now
but i will try it!
yea i still have some work to do with the mix

i was thinking those last 4 notes sounded good , don't know if i want to change that yet, but we'll see, at least i'll try it out!

again thanks for the crit , really appreciate it
english is not my native language
yea, I meant the acoustic, it really sounds like a piano to me though, in a good way (it sounds very ominous).
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Hey nice, to be honest I liked the bit without the acoustic guitar the best (the bass drum and guitar in sync - it's nice and tight and sounds good). The acoustic (sounds like a nylon stringed acoustic to me) is either out of tune or the intonation is a bit out - of course this being metal that might be what you're going for.

Might be cool to have some vocals or a solo. You could have another section where you go into double time (and get a nice fast chugging riff going) or half time.

Keep up the good work.
I liked it. The only thing i didn't like was the tone in some parts. You can have alot of distortion...but on this maybe too much to my taste cuz it gets fuzzy. I have problems with fuzziness because of my recorder some times. Its not a big deal mostly just in the beginning i noticed it
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thanks for all the crits!

im going to try and write another part (solo)
after that , rerecord everything of it (i guess), so i'll try out all your suggestions , and hopefully post the new one tonight!

i used cubase , with actually...*thinks*

3 accoustic guitar tracks
one in center the other panned to left and right side with different reverb/delay... didn't turn out how i wanted .. my accoustic guitar sucks anyway.

4 electic guitar tracks
each panned to one side or another
lots of EQ on them...

1 bass guitar track
wich is just my guitar pitch shifted one octave lower
also lots of EQ

1 drum track
ezdrummer lots of EQ again..

all guitars recorded throu my PodXT
english is not my native language
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