My dad has been given a harmonica for his birthday and wanted me to record a backing track for him. I recorded it on my BR600 and transfered it to Cubase. When I try to export the track an error message occurs saying 'An error occurred during the export!'

So UG, how can I export the track

Thanks in advance

What version of Cubase?
What kind of file did you import?
What kind of file are you trying to export?

(sample rates/bit depths please!)

Do you have the output bus set to export from the master bus?

Is it a legit version of Cubase? (lots of warez versions are prone to 'funny' errors.... just askin'....)

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Its Cubase SE
It was a WAV File
Trying to do a WMA

Don't know the rest, but I got the disc from my school so it is legit