i was just trying to find a good way to pratice two handed tapping, and well i came across this beat/melodi which seemed to work. i've uploaded the purely two tapping solo/ melodi mix that i made and the the backing track if anyone is interrested in trying it out. let me know what u think.

title: illusionary happy pirates

the backing track is really simple, just a drum loop, and guitar that i played in.

sounded good man, I liked it, it was nice and smooth. I think if you used a delay pedal it would sound cool.
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i was just trying to use 2 handed tapping for something more than ur metal shred licks and stuff like that, even if it is cool. i really like this tech, there really is alot melodiotic(spelling?) potensial. if anyone can make a nice tapped melody, i really would like to hear it
great stuff ! love the melody that starts around 1:04 ! but as the dude before me said. it needs some delay. sounds a bit "dry".
well in the recording i used spring reverb, so it had surfish sound. but that almost completely disapeard when not using a really good sound card. i used guitar rig 3, so the sound is quite diff, on the rig sound card campared to the comp sound card. the mix i made called beijing jam also sounds quite diff on rig compared to from the comp. really annoying. i'll try it with delay soon, and see what happens :P
I listened to "backing track" and first of all let me say this is extremely generic, and I have probably heard that progression 100 times in my life. The rhythm was fine, which is good to hear, those open strings just got old after a while, and it sounds like your not being super decive on your strumming. Thats all, basically good, better than most new guitarists I hear nowadays.
well, as i said, the melody was just something simple i came arcross to pratice 2 handed melody tapping( or wahtever u want to call it). i agree i've heard that progression tons of times(A, C, G), it really is over used. but still i found it a good simple progression and tempo to get a good ground work on this perticular technique (94bpm). i find that when people use a lot of gain when tapping it really is kindda sloppy but no really notices it because of all the feedback that is given( including me). in clean 2 handed tapping u really have to accent every movement u make. this post is really to give somepeople ideas about praticing. and of couse for me to get feedback like this thanks all. i'll take every that has been and will be said as help for my playing future would like to hear more from u guys.
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