If you guys (and girls) are anything like me there is nothing better then a good night at a local concert with all of your friends bands, anyways post a link to some of your favorite local bands so the whole world can see them, and be sure to check these guys out I am friends with both of the bands and they both kick ass!

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Also tell me what you think about these bands!
All the good bands in my area seem to have disintegrated or gone through enough line-up changes that they're not the same any more. But I've been out of the local scene for about a year, anyway.
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Painted in Exile (high school)
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Us (Fusion), not to be cocky but we're the best young band that I know of around here, (middle school)
A Bear

They're pretty damn awesome.

The vocalist/guitarist was in my Photography class last year.
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Awful Waffle - A local Ska band.


At Rest - A local Deathcore/Melodic Death Metal band.


EDIT: I forgot one!

Swashbuckle - Pirate themed Metal

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Local bands suck in Louisville.

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Local bands suck in Louisville.

What kind of music do you like? I find it hard to believe that you can't find one good band there. I have a list of like 10 good bands from here, and 95% of the local scene is either metalcore or pop punk.
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His Hideous Heart is a sweet kinda instrumental band with an official album, all of the members went to my high school max 3 years ago
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What kind of music do you like? I find it hard to believe that you can't find one good band there. I have a list of like 10 good bands from here, and 95% of the local scene is either metalcore or pop punk.

Yea man I guess it is mostly my taste in music. Most every band in Louisville is an Emo or Screamo band. Its just not really my thing.

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LedDaveZeppelin, You are so awesome.
only two that i listen to is

salamis-my friend's band, they finally got a myspace and a demo of their first song up

little green men-coolness. check them out on myspace.
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Digitech Death Metal

Amazing band, already supported bands such as Raging Speedhorn and Prong, and they've got a support slot with Gama Bomb coming up soon.
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I'm a close friend with this band. Unflortunately they are splitting up due to the singer going to the army. But they are the best band in all of southern indiana.

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