Where can I buy the cheapest guitar picks in the UK?

(I'm not bothered about thickness or quality )

Because I need like, 180-200
Preferably all different colours.

Thanks in advance,

Son Of The Viper

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invest in a few good picks. get tortex picks, they last weeks.

what shenanigans do you need 200 picks for
Stealing a thread idea and covering a section of my wall

SonOfTheEDIT - Yeah, I'm keeping my "good picks" separate, I'm not sticking them to my wall
I found like 200 picks for $5 on eBay once. Which I guess is like, £2.5
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Stealing a thread idea and covering a section of my wall

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im willing to provide you with 200 1p coins for only £5!

tbh, most picks are really cheap, because they're small bits of plastic that you lose easily

dawsons are 3 for a pound

other places have other offers

try ebay, i saw 1000 for £10 once :O
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I'm stealing this thread idea.

Where can I get cheap picks?
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As has been said, ebay is the best place for large quantities.
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