This is a metal song I made pretty recently. It's my first song I decided to post up here. Not sure exactly what genre of metal I'd classify it as. Has some thrash influences and well as more progressive influence, though not odd time. Just check it out. Positive and Negative feedback truly welcome.
Overall great song, really enjoyed it, would love to hear it recorded with instruments.

I really didn't care for the odd time signature parts, but if you like them, keep them.

I think the C.Verse section could benefit by being shortened to only 2x repeat instead of 4x.

The section titled "solo" was really good, and I thought the section right after the "solo" section but before it goes into the thrash riff again was well done.

The two solos toward the end were also very well done, and sounded great.
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I thought it was an over all good song haha

I love the 'arpeggio riff'

The "intro 2" reminded me of "this calling " by all that remains

theonly thing I would change is the "clean" part

It was pretty and all
but I dont think it really belonged.

Or maybe just make it shorter
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Absolutely amazing. This is one of the best songs i've ever heard on here. Drums are dynamic, never too much. The guitars are beautifully constructed, even the detail on the bass is great.

The clean part sounded BTBAM, actually everything after sounded BTBAM-ish.
I only wish the 'arpeggio riff' was harmonized at the end.

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Thanks for the crits guys. I do agree on the lengthiness of the clean verse. Was meaning to getting around to changing from 4 to 2 reps. The solos were what i actually thought were my poorest sections. Im not much for good solos so i kinda just slopped them together. Ill also look into harmonizing the arpeggio riff.
i like the fill at the start, then the first riffs great. the second is ok, but, as much as people will hatew me for saying this, could do without the harmony.
the next bit works with the harmony.
then the bit without the drums i don't like that much, it doesn't fit in my mind.
the rest of it is great, i love the bit where the bass is really load.

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Edit: The clean bit was the best bit in my mind. But maybe take out the little high bit in in. The 3 distorted notes.
~And shouldn't it have the file formats in the title?
Wow great song, br0k3n1n5an1ty. As others have posted, My favourite parts are the Clean section and the end solo.

Also, with the drumless sections before the clean, they fit, but to me, not that well. The drum introduction was cool too.

The song is well put together, well done. Though I don't usually listen to metal; I guess I just felt like opening my ears.

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