One of the song titles of Oasis' new album, Dig Out Your Soul, is called "Soldier On." Now, I think that earlier on in the past few months, there was an article about how Oasis was complaining about Coldplay's possible decision to outsell Be Here Now, one of Oasis' last albums to sell monumentally. Guess what? "Soldier On" is lifted from a lyric of Coldplay's songs! One of Coldplay's Viva La Vida songs, "Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love", has the lyric, "Soldiers/You've got to soldier on." Now, I realize that bands, in order to make their own sound, need to draw influence from somewhere. However, look at the song "the Importance of Being Idle" by Oasis. If you listen to it, it sounds dangerously like "I'm Only Sleeping" by John Lennon during the Beatles era.

If you look at it, I think that one thing that Britpop performers rely on is direct plagarism. Now, this would be excusable, if Oasis did not use the Beatles as an influence. However, the fact is, the song is a rip-off. I think that Oasis are great, but the fact that other bands, such as Radiohead, Travis, Coldplay, Blur, and those bands focused on artistic direction and change, is something to consider. Now, Oasis are changing their direction. It took them nearly seven years to figure that out?
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Plenty of purpose. We're sick and tired of Oasis ripping off other artists!
Oasis is a breath of honesty in a place where music (even their own and they happen to admit it) is completely borrowed from past places.

Even indie idols Animal Collective are a rip off of the Beach Boys. And if anything the track is a knock against coldplay but I doubt it.
The hell? coldplay didn't invent the term soldier on.

But yes Oasis have produced music similar to the beatles and CCR at points.

First of all, let's tackle the obvious little stint in your argument. Coldplays new album came out 2-3 months ago, yes? Now, Oasis' album, not from when they started rehearsing or recording, was actually finished in january, and has been in mixing since then. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Noel Gallager has mastered time travel just yet.

Next, Soldier on is a term that has been around for, let's just say, many years. It's a TERM. not a lyric. That's like saying Led Zeppelin are cheats for having a song called "Rock and Roll".

And of course, we're all aware thatmusic has been stolen by Oasis, but seriously, can you honestly say you know of one completely original band?
Uhhh Oasis' first four albums all had a different sound. I'd call that changing their direction.
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I personally think that Oasis have been boring as hell ever since Be Here Now. The first two albums were classic, massive, and clearly inspired by both Beatles and other Manc bands as Stone Roses. The good thing with Oasis is that they've never denied borrowing certain bits from different tracks, they've been open with it, and still managed to have a personal and genuine sound.

Look at the song Slide Away. The chord progression is obviously taken from Neil Young's My My Hey Hey/Hey Hey My My but it's still a fantastic song!

PS. Another reason why Oasis now are boring: Liam sounds, and looks, like a dick. Noel should go solo... DS.