Hey just wondering how much of a difference there is between the two, because I am looking at getting one for my college dorm room (can't take the Mesa F-30). Right now I can get the Champ for probably $250-$300 all together (it was made in 1973 great condition) or for a hundred more get the vibro champ (1970's edition). So if you can help out any that would be great. Thanks!
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fender have several versions of the champ and several versions of the vibro-champ - most recently its been used for their 5-watt modelling amp with a tube poweramp. i'm not entirely sure which ones you're talking about.

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Only you can decide if the vibrato is worth an extra $100 to you or not. It's a cool feature, but some will tell you that the extra circuitry subtracts from the overall tone of the amp. Either one's gonna sound great, though, especially cranked up.
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