My input jack fell into the guitar. I got it out and stuff put the nut that goes on the outside to keep it out is lost. So i bouth a new one at guitar center, but its to big. The regular 1/4" input jacks are too big for the guitar, but barely. Did anyone else have a similar problem, if so, what size nut should i buy or how do i get a replacement jack for the epi g400?
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That little nut is hard to find and there are different sizes used so just better off to go to radio shack and get a new jack.
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Input jack?

All of my guitars have output jacks - weird.


Anyway, maybe try eBay, could be worth a try, I don't reckon they'd sell a nut for more than $0.50 or so. If not, get a new jack at RatShack.
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As I said there are different sized nuts used. So an ebay one might fit might not. A new jack is less than 2 bucks at radio shack.