Okay, so we haven't actually played all together yet...but we have one original song about half done and several riffs/ solos underway.

I know this sounds Cliche',

but I'm worried about our drummer...

all the other people (Bassist, rhythm/singer/ myself lead g-tar) have had at least some experience...but all he's ever done with a drum set is hitting all the drums really fast...which he calls a drum solo...I'm cool with that...only thing is, he misses the drums sometimes...
He used to have a snare drum but his parents sold it. Now he's getting a pretty decent set, if the rest of the band leaves him alone with his drums for about a week, do you guys/ladies ( ) think he'd blow off enough steam to just play drums as rhythm for a while?

and he wants to do this one Iron Maiden song (I don't like Iron Maiden ...the song writing kind of gets to me...and the cosumes and the overly "well, I coulda thought of that" riffs) that is around ten minutes long, that I don't think I can do...what should I tell him?

by the dubs, is there a way to simplify the Enter Sandman solo? b/c pretty much everyone wants to do a cover, including me, but I'm not feeling competent enough to do the solo...

also (this is long, but...watevs) we all live in Florida and we're thinking of practicing in his rec room. Which is cool, except the room is kinda small. (roughly ten feet/5 feet) and I'm not sure how we can wholeheartedly rock with amps, fans, drum set and computer (for mixing/recording/everything else)?

any help is greatly appreciated.

Small room = death.
You could try it, but the reverb would probably kill you.
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Maybe try and find a new drummer?
If you are not sure about him maybe try with other drummers?
And if you are not sure about the covers you are planning to do, maybe avoid doing covers and work on originals?
You don't like maiden?!
To the gallows with you!
On a lighter brighter note. Sit him down and say 'Oi!! You!! No!!' then explain to him why you are worried with him
that space is plenty big enough. just make sure you have ear plugs.

sorry, too lazy to read the rest :]
Don't say you hate Iron Maiden at a concert;b .. wait a second.. Please do that!.. Maiden-haters..
for the enter sandman solo just improvise an e minor pent with lots of wahh but i dont think the actual solo is that hard mabe just lern a couple the licks out of it and chuck them in with the improv
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