Well here's the deal. I have been approached by this band to play rhythm guitar, (or possibly lead). But I'm not sure about it. There are pro's and con's. It is not usually the type of music I play. But they have been contacted by a local sponsor, and it would be good band experience, and may even get me some money.


Got any advice.
If you like the genre or enjoy playing it, then go for it. But if you cant stand it, don't. Ive said no to a lot of band offers since i dont like the genre
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Do you like the people you'd be playing with? Do you like playing music in general, or only a specific kind?

If you feel like you'll enjoy playing in this group, go for it. Don't worry about it not being "your style". Your style will inevitably come out in any writing you do.

That said, I listened, and I feel like there's some definite potential, if that has anything to do with your joining. They've got a pretty catchy chorus in the first song. (That's all I listened to.)
If you like the people enough, I'd do it. You'd probably learn about stuff you're not used to playing, and it'd only improve your musicianship.
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If you ain't doing anything else, you may as well give it a go because you can only gain from it. And if you find you're not enjoying yourself, you can always leave.
Unless you really hate the music they play it can't hurt to try playing with them.
Contrary to popular belief, you can't catch anything from playing music you don't like. :P

Just think of it like school, or a job. If you love everything you do or did at them, you probably graduated from the 420: Flying High School of Pot Smoking.

But you'll learn from them, get better at doing what you actually want to do, and maybe even get a bit of money. As long as it doesn't get in the way of something more worthwhile, go for it.

Plus, you might even make contacts.