My birthday is coming up, and my dad said he would buy me a new, used guitar, im fine with used, because i have been looking at older models etc.

But today i play a Gibson Les Paul Classic, that had a PAF Pro in the neck and a Super Distortion in the bridge.

It was 1200, and it did play well, but...

My guitar teacher told me about one of his friends who is selling a Jem 777BK , you know black with green vine and Dimarzios. He said he would sell it for 800, its in great condition.

I havent played the Jem, yet, but i mean, its a Jem

What would you pick?
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Well, one's 7 string and the other is 6. It depends on what you want to do.
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id have to say the gibson
mainly cos im desperate for one, cant afford though
like, i mgetting an epiphone les paul skyburst me thinks, just so i can have a les paul
but the classic, i mean
its a bloody classic
tbh, for me, theres no question
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I would say Les Paul, but it comes down to what you play more...

I usually see 7 strings more in the metal genres, but if you like it, get what you want. You're not buying it either. :P
Well, what music do you play? The JEM is a 7 string and wouldn't find much use in many genres.
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No the Jem is a 777

There is no such thing as a 7 string Jem, that would be a Universe.

The Jem 777BK looks like this

Ibanez Jem 777BK, Carvin DC727, Fender MIM Strat
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Hum if you play a lot of metal I'd say the jem. Depends on what you personnally prefer tho, and also on what your father is willing to pay.

Try both first and check out what you prefer. I must admit I find the look of the jem a bit weird. But it's that kind of look that you either love or hate, so if you love it, go for it. I'm not a big fan of Les Paul's either so.
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JEM, looking at the ebay prices I'm guessing that you can make a profit in case you don't like it.
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you think the jems 'hand hole' (best name i could think for it) effects the guitars tone?

i'd go for the les paul.. its what im saving for
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Could u not try the jem or at least another jem first?
They are quite different guitars
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Imho I would say the Jem. (Then again I'm not a fan of the LP Shape)

Play both and see what feels best for you

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The JEM is definitely the best choice, and it isnt just for metal; listen to tender surrender by Steve Vai.
that jem is beautiful go with the jem i say, Im not a fan of LPs
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