C4C friends..simple as that


Verse 1

This is merely the irony

Of something gone wrong

Just look to the sky

And sing a new song

But don't leave the broken

The frail and the sad

These doors are left open

To the good and the bad


So carry yourself

Back to all that you know

And I'll be with you (be with you)

Wherever you go (Wherever you go)x2

Verse 2

Just think of the moment

When you realized

That this is the beginning

Of the rest of our lives

Stay in tune with your soul

With your heart and mind

You'll have to play a new part

But in time you'll find


Verse 3

Take all of this with you

As we rise and move on

Love what you have

Soon it'll be gone

Just dont forget the times

And memories you've had

When looking back in these days

We'll be nothing but glad