Hello everyone, my name is Frank and I am currently working in the middle east, between working I have some time on my hands and nothing to do except watch movies. So I decided to do what I have been wanting to do for the last 20 years and learn to play the guitar. I am 41 and getting a late start on this, I bought a acoustic guitar yesterday and have been practicing finger placements and chords, man my fingers are sore, is this normal? My favorite music is blues especially SRV and BBK. I am open to all suggestions and will spend the next several days looking through this site and trying to absorb as much as I can.

it is never too late to start.

and yes this is normal. keep playing through this short but painful time in your guitar career, and eventually you will get "callouses" in your fingertips. these are basically hardened, toughned bits of skin.
kick ass! welcome to the site. stay away from the pit if you know what's good for you
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Great choice man, the guitar is a wonderful thing to learn, especially if you have tons of free time. Yeah, the hurting is normal. It goes away after a month or so of playing, you'll develop callouses rather quickly.

SRV is a genious, excellent taste in music


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yep. normal. you might even get blisters when you start. especially fi you go an acoustic that has hard playability. but you'll get through. come to think of it i never got blisters. EVER.lol. but i've heard stories. if you after a month or so it still hurts. either get a new guitar that seems easier to play or buy guitar lube that lets you move your fingers easily throughtout the fretboard(where you put your fingers) good luck and have fun!
Welcome. What I had to say has already been said, so enjoy your time here..

and stay out of the pit if you know what's good for you....
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Thanks for the awesome welcome, guitar lube, I wonder if astro glide will work?
Just kidding, I picked up a Yamaha F310 over here in the Pit, the pit is awesome been coming here since late 04 early 05.

The first time I heard SRV I was walking through a mall near Millington TN and heard this incredible music coming from a music store. I was drawn to it like a bug to one of those electric zappers and been a big fan ever since, that was in 1986 I am sure some of you were still in kindergarten LOLOL. I listened to that tape for years, and then got the CD LOLOL.

Thanks for the encouragement and warm welcome...
dude. you are gonna love it here. bunch of funny guys(like so) and a bunch of asses too but since you are an experienced man i think you can verbally overkill them
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Welcome Frank!

Well it's never too late to pick up the guitar. You know, people do it for a passion, rather then for a living. At least, they should. Just enjoy it and don't keep anything from pursuing your dream. And yeah I do know what you mean by "wanted to do it for 20 years". I mean, since I'm a kid, my father has been suggesting me to get a guitar and give it a try. As much as I wanted, he never got me one. Later at around 17, I decided it was finally time to start it, and since then I love it. I've had a long break cause I got depressed once too, but I got back at it, and now I'm dedicated to play it for my whole life. Just don't forget to not give up. It will look incredibly hard at times, but all you can do is get back up and keep it up. And I'm pretty sure you do know about that.

Oh and 1986? No I wasn't in kindergarten. In fact, I was born in 1986 . But yeah, age is just an illusion. At least that's my opinion.

And as little tips since you're starting, just pick up any music you enjoy and give it a try. Nothing will motivate you more then playing these songs you've been headbanging to for years, nothing. Really guys, is there something more grateful then nailing your first ever riff(from your fav band)? That has to be the best feeling ever. You'll most likely also run into songs you cannot play, that is totally normal. Just slow down the tempo, and play as fast as you can staying perfectly clean. Like that, you get the time to actually correct the mistakes you do, and you are fully aware of what you do not want to hear, etc. As you grow more confortable, raise the tempo a bit and repeat. Eventually it will come more naturally. All this might seem like it's logical, but trust me. If only I knew when starting that trying to brute-force speed was only gonna make me sloppy as hell.

In conclusion, I'd highly recommend you to get both Powertabs and GuitarPro5. These are wonderful tools that you do NOT want to pass on. The principe is the same for both; it displays tabs and play them at the same time. With these, you can easily get tabs from your fav songs, and play along with them, which helps a lot into staying in time. You can also raise or lower the tempo, and it plays the song just as cleanly, which is very handful. There are a few differences between the two tho. Powertabs is free and easier to use, but the sound is awful(midi or something). As for GuitarPro5, it costs money and is a tad harder to use, but the sound is incredibly better. You can easily find the registered version aswell is you do a bit of search, but if you wanna pay for it, it IS worth it. In the end, I'd recommend you to get both, because it will leave you with a lot more choices of tabs(mainly because you could for example, not find a particular song in Guitarpro, but it will be found in Powertabs). Both also happen to have a metronome, which is also a plus.

Ok enough with this block of text, I wish you luck on your journey. It will be hard at times, and heck it won't take a day, but it's definatly worth your time. Just don't give up! And finally, enjoy it!
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