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Hi my band, The DefROCKed Nuns, has uploaded 3 songs, all of them intros, they are demos.

The song: The Realms Of Imagination, is very bad quality because we had some feed back and timing problems with audacity lol.

check us out, and please crit. our 3 songs and we will crit. yours.

thanks in advance, and any feedback would apreciated.

crit mine and i will efinatly crit yours right away!
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Thanks for the crit. Negatives first, quality sucks and it sounded a bit out of tune on the realms of imagination. Out of the blue was my fav, it had a kind of mysterious vibe to it. I liked the begging of In memoriam but I think you should cut the strumming part. Realms of imagination I think has got potential to be very good but with better recording equipment and when you’re totally in tune. Overall good intros but the quality of the recordings does not give them enough justice. Well done.
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I agree with the guy above me bad quality and a bit out of tune. But ill crit you for the actual song as it is. I like the second part where your soloing on what sounds like acoustic effect. Like all of my songs this song should get some lyrics. It makes a huge difference on any song. But keep it up i like the ideas maybe a better recorder so it sounds better?
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the realms of the imagation: i like the bass guitar. has some timing issues and quality issues. the guitar/bass combo really reminds me of californication era chili peppers.

out of the blue: that is a really cool riff. very nice.
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the realms of the imagation: i like the bass guitar. has some timing issues and quality issues. the guitar/bass combo really reminds me of californication era chili peppers.

out of the blue: that is a really cool riff. very nice.

lol there is no bass guitar, we use the drum bass and a guitar (bass turned way up) as a combo to make it sound like a bass, thanks for the crit tho, anymore feedback????????
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lol there is no bass guitar, we use the drum bass and a guitar (bass turned way up) as a combo to make it sound like a bass, thanks for the crit tho, anymore feedback????????

more feedback? yes, you need to get a decent bass player. additional sexyness is also needed. sprinkle libraly haha
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lol, sexyness is not needed we have enough (we can lend you some if you want) lol, no i ment is there anymore feedback from other pple lol, thx anyway tho, and yh we are gertting a bass player as soon as we find one!.

so anymore feed back from othere people? I'd like to have enough opinions so that we can fix the problems!
Hi I like the ideas.

Out of blue intro:
Is distorted and there is one tiny timing slip up (0:36), other than that it's a nice intro.

In Mermoriam:
The arpegiated guitar part is out of tune. The timing on the solo on the intro is occasionally out of time (maybe try recording with a metronome so everything locks in). Other than that it's a good start, maybe some vocal parts?

Realms of imagination:
The recording is really distorted and the timing is a little off in places. The song has potential though.

Sorry if this all comes off a bit negative. Keep playing and practising though and you will persevere
cheers for the critt. watch out for the timing on realms of the imagination btw. really good, get some lyrics in there
those are some sweet intros. i love intros too there my favorite to write, that and endings, everything else is just kinda there. but i really like these especially in memorian
Nice. Just need better mixing/recording. What are you using to record? The Realms of Imagination sounded real good until the lead guitar came in... sounds REALLY out of tune. Ouch.
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realms of imagination was recorded with a cable, and with guitar1 + guitar2+ drums, the timing kind of fell out of place, and yeah, the lead isn't out best recording, we are going to perform the whole song with lyrics and vocals soon, and do a live recording.

any more feedback would still be qapreciated
hey man thanks for the crit!

out of the blue:
it got a really good feeling to it , i liked the tone , a little distorted but i don't mind that
it stopped at 26 for some reason...

the realms of imagination:
i think the guitars are not perfectly tuned (maybe im wrong tho)
it sounds kinda off-beat sometimes
and the lead sounds like it would have been rushed , you know

in memorian:
hm same as above i guess , better timing tho

yea good stuff you got there , but there's deffinatly work to do!
keep it up!
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Hey thanks for the crit.

I must say i really liked all 3 of the intros, my favourite was the beginning o In Memoriam, i thought the riff was brilliant, but then the lead came in and i was getting this Santana-esque vibe, which i didn't think eally fitted. You've got the beginning of something really good there, it just needs a little more exploration.

Out of the blue was very mysterious, and i liked it a lot, but again a little exploration could lead to something brilliant.

The realms of Imagination was giving a very RHCP's vibe, and although the recording left a bit to be desired i thought. again it could turn out very good, but the opening i think is the weakest of the three.

overall i look forward to hearing more completed versions of these songs, i really like the style you've got going here, keep it up!
We have reuploaded Out Of The Blue and In Memoriam, they now both have piano in it!! I met up with the keyboardest and we edited the songs, what do you tthink??
realms of imagination really had quality issues, off timing- expecially the lead. the rythem guitar seemed a little loose(sound wise) not tight enough, maybe try having the bass back u up, or keyboard or something.

out of the blue really is nice, ambient. got something there

memoriam: timing issues here to. the rythm guitar in my oppinion is alright. just not so keen at the bass is really high on the guitar.

all in all, u have some good ideas going on there. better gear better quality, timing issues fix them self with practice.
realms: quality is still pretty bad. timing issues could be fixed. how many times did you play this before you recorded it? make sure you have all the parts.

out of the blue: the piano sounds a bit out of the blue...kidding anyways, it sounds like a secondary thing. try improving it. the piano didn't really add much.

in memoriam. the soloing in this isn't that great. it has some major timing issues. work on that. piano was again, just chords. i wasn't all that impressed by your keyboard players skills.
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okay, the piano ddn't need to show skills, it just fills the tone up a bit, but later on the piano is gonna be more upbeat with a few improv. effects, i know it's nothing speacial yet but it will be, we are gonna rerecord everything in mid-august, and i didn't change anything in the realmos of imagination, we have too rerecord it. thanks for the crits guys.
I really liked out of the blue, but I'm not a huge fan of the others, they're good ideas, but out of tune and with some rhythm problems
realms of imagination -- i liked it at first, the backing is pretty cool, but then it turned out to be just okay, i didnt really love the lead. definitely something that can be worked with though

out of the blue is probably my favorite of the three, i think the piano is a really good touch

in memoriam -- i dont think this is bad but perhaps it just didnt strike my tastes, it seems to be a little bland to me

thanks for the crit on mine too
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thanks guys, my band is actualy using all of your guys crits to make the songs as good as possible, so anymore people crittin would be fantastic!!
wow nice

The Realms of imagination - this is a nice song i like the bass and the guitar throughout sounds really nice really good quallity

Out of the blue intro- very calming like how the piano and guitar sound together

In memoriam - is another really nice sounding tune really calming

overall nice stuff i like it i wish i could write stuff like this that good =)
I liked all three of them. Some of them lacked the quality they deserve and were perhaps a bit out of tune and timing was off at some parts. (If you're using Audacity and the tracks become gradually out of sync, check that playback and recording is using same device in options and change project rate to 48000hz, this worked for me).

Having said that I do think that all three songs got lots of potential,once you get them executed properly. The solo guitar on In Memoriam should sound great once you get it totally to sync with the rest of the song. I gather that the verse starts after the solo part and you're gonna add vocals later. If not, skip the strumming part after solo. . Realms of Imagination solo reminded me of Red hot chili peppers, which is a good thing I guess

Good job
wow thanks guys, that really puts up my motivation! any more?? lol
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Out of The Blue could be better with good recording quality, it's definately got potential.!!

Relams of Imagination i didn't like tbh. I thought it was unimaginative.
In Memoriam sounds a bit too much like Nothing Else Matters for my liking, until the piano comes in, then it starts to pick up a bit!!

All in all, Out of the Blue was the best by far

Crit mine?
Thanks for the crit.
Out of the blue: Really nice and mellow acoustic intro.
In memoriam: this one is nice too, the solo is pretty good. It kinda reminds me of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.
I didn't think the quality was that bad and your guitar wasn't badly out of tune (except on the realms of imagination, which was nice too nonetheless).
Not that bad..

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Out of the Blue is my favorite I think, it sounds kind of haunting and the piano is really good sounding with it.

In Memoriam sounds good too, if you guys had better recording quality it would greatly improve the quality of the songs. I tried listening to the Realms of Imagination but the myspace player messed up on me. Sorry man. Nice work though.
RoI - very surf rocky, solo could be better its a little repetative, use more scales.

OOtB - I think it works as an intro, good not great

IM - I like the rhythm but hte mini solo at the beginning could be better, one of the chords sounded off

overall I liked the first one, thanks for the crit!!
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Realms... - Nice song title. Tuning issues on the guitars and also the timing was off a bit. The drums were ok but the guitars and drums weren't tight enough IMO.

Memoriam - Liked the clean arpeggio lick alot - sounded really cool. The lead tone needs a bit of reverb or delay. The piano was a nice touch too. Seemed to be more in tune on this one. You could possibly add a nice drum section - maybe on the snare rim and ride - just to give it a fuller sound.

Out of the Blue - Again nice clean riff - sounded similar to memoriam though. The piano I feel should be playing what the guitar does - or something similar.

Overall - the recording quality wasn't great, few timing issues and tuning problems. The song writing is fine - there's some nice ideas down.
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I liked In Memoriam a lot, the arpeggiated guitar is very cool. Biggests problems are that the recording quality sucks, and that the rest of the song is missing Othe lead part is Realms of imagination is very nice, I hope you can develop that line in the rest of the song. I don't really like the accompanying bassline (guitar), I think maybe it would fit the lead line better if it moved around less.
Realms of imagination.. DO NOT RECORD stuff that is out of tune. I'll crit the song whenever you rerecord with tuned stuff.

I'll crit Out of the Blue instead..
Great intro; the piano fits pretty well with the guitar. Too bad it's so very short.
thanks guys, to the guy above me, we have changed things around and all 3 songs are better, tomorrow we will rerecord some of it and the 3 songs will be recorded completely by september-october, any more crits?
Out of the blue: Reminds me of Savatage with the piano stuff, I like where you are going with it. Definitively gets my attention

Realms of imagination: Sounds like brave new world by maiden, like the backing, but the lead could use some work.

In memorian: my favorite , reminds me of zeppelin. Love the piano and the guitars! Keep it up guys!
thanks for the comments. im afraid i cant listen to yours because myspace is blocked under social networking on my computer. i appreciate the critique
In Memoriam - the lead could be beefed up a bit.

Realms of Imagination - I like what you have going so far, but it needs more parts (obviously). The lead tone could definitely be better. There's also some timing issues.

Out of the Blue - The piano could be doing more. Try to add more than just chords. Again, the timing is off at certain parts.
I believe i like the last track "in memoriam" the most. the realms bothers me because the tracking between instruments is kinda off. The 2nd track is good, distortion is there but it doesn't bother me much, since im used to listening to demos
Thanks for critting mine

In memoriam really reminds me a lot of "The Unforgiven" by Metallica, which is definitely not a bad thing, but what you might want to do is beef up your tone. Maybe play the rythym on an acoustic rather then clean electric or maybe adding something to beef up the lead tone. I really like this one though, it sounded good and harmonized well as well. Keep up the good work.
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In Memoriam: The lead guitar sounded pretty out of time and was maybe a little out of tune as well. I really liked the piano break though, that was cool.

Out of the Blue: This one was pretty interesting. I liked the way the piano and guitar played together throughout the piece. I think the bad sound quality takes away from it a bit though.

Realms of Imagination: Very out of tune. I liked that you used drums for this one though, but you really need to clean up the recording/tune up.

You have some good ideas here though, nice work. And to answer your question from my thread, I use a line in cable and garageband to record all the guitar parts.
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