truss rod.

turn it a tiny bit daily.

can't remember which way though.
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loosen up the tension rod in the neck of the bass.only like a quarter turn at a time though
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I have no idea what any of those things are. Could you give me step by step guide?
if you look down the neck with the headstock at ur face and you see: it is dipped like a "U" shape turn the truss rod clock-wise by quarter turns until its straight
if you view it from the sam angle and notice its like a...upside down "U" turn the truss rod anti-clock-wise by quarter turns until it is straight =)
the truss rod should be under a cover and it metal and fits an allen wrench
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all done, now I just need to lower the action by a ****load, ive defretted it and the action is so high that the g string is being forced up into my fingers and getting muted.
Remember, after you adjust the rod for a quarter turn, you have to flex the neck with your hands