would it be safe to use scratch x scratch remover to remove some minor scratches on my jackson? it is made for cars but my dad who is uneducated on guitars is convinced it won't damage my guitar. i figure i better ask some people who know a bit more then him so... is it safe?
Need more info to formulate an opinion.

I would imagine that it wouldn't be particularly suitable, though.
The best thing is to try it on the guitar somewhere that if it glazes or clouds the finish it won't be noticible, like under the neck bolt mounting plate (if there is one). Car paints can vary (Acrylic, Acrylic Enamel, Laquers, Urethanes, etc.) from what is used on guitars. Check the product that you want to use (there should be directions on it) and see what types of finishes it recommends or tells you which not to use it on. Mequire car polishes are usually good for guitars, in fact they have a product line specifically for guitars.
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well, i just took a leap of faith and tried it out on the back and it didn't cloud it up so i tried it on the whole thing. it didn't make anything wourse but it didn't appear to be all that much better. it just polished it a bit. the scratches are still there.

*sigh* next product.