Has anyone shielded their control and pickup cavities? If curious how much difference you noticed before and after. Does conductive tape work best or is conductive paint better?

Currently, my LP pickups are shielded, but not the control cavity. On my strat, the back of the pickguard is shielded, but not the bottom of sides of the cavity.

I'm just trying to decide if it's worth the effort to dig all the electronics out of my guitars in order to shield them. I should have done it one of the 3 times I've rewired my LP... but no, I couldn't think of it then could I?
There's a pretty big difference, especially if the guitar is sub-par. The higher the quality guitar, the less of a difference.

Sheilding paint is mostly good for blocking RF (radio freqs) from finding their way into the signal, since pups are coils of wire and any coil of wire can act like an antenna. Paint won't do too much for hum.

Your best bet for 60-cycle (or 50-cycle if you're in Europe) hum is copper tape. Be sure it has a conductive adhesive backing, otherwise you'd have to "spot-solder" the pieces together. The tape must be electrically continuous, so overlap the pieces by a good half-inch or so. It'll also have to be grounded.
Thanks. The irony of this is that my guitar with humbuckers hums more than my G&L strat with single coils! Probably because I left the wiring in the LP a bit jumbled from all the mods.

So when you ground the tape, do you solder a wire from the tape to the output jack ground, or is it sufficient have a grounded pot in contact with the tape?