ok i got a problem... when i bought cubase LE i had xp... now i have a new computer and got vista...on the old computer i had no problems because when i bought cubase there was a startup guide for xp and mac... but now that i got vista i dunno what to do to get this thing started up... i have installed cubase and plugged in my affect pedal to my computer... when i start up cubase i get 3 pop ups "The Audio Engine could not be started" and "Audio engine error: no sound input"(i get the last one 2 times)... it stands in the startup guide that im supposed to do something in the control panel, but the control panel in vista is different from the one in xp so i dont know what to do...

can someone please tell me what to do?

im sorry if im posting this in a wrong category
i had the exact same problem though still havent got it sorted
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I don't think LE is Vista compatible, only Cubase Essential 4 is. You may want to try the Steinberg website forums and see if there are any threads regarding LE & Vista and a work around or patch.
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